division of uploaded excel file

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Giorgi on 22 Aug 2014
Commented: Giorgi on 22 Aug 2014
Hi all, well i want to upload excel file and then divided it in parts, the excel file contains text and numerical data, i wrote a code but it doesn't work so any idea would be great.
[Yield,txt,alldata]=xlsread('Book2','Yield'); a=length(txt(1,:)) i=1;
while(i<=a) txt(1,i)=Yield(:,i+1); i=i+1; end
Giorgi on 22 Aug 2014
I uploaded excel file for you and now i want to upload it and divide it into three variables called as first second and third and assign them the data that is below them in the excel file.

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Hikaru on 22 Aug 2014
for i=1:a
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Giorgi on 22 Aug 2014
Well that works thanks a lot

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