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Is there a way, when reading a file to insert text between a deliminator.

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My file has a header line that looks like this
[Column a, Column b, column c, colunm d;]
and then following rows with information like this
I've been using the strtok function to separate the values but since there is no character between the commas in the third column, it doesn't recognize it as anything and shifts all my information over one column. Is there a way to insert a value into that column.

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AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 22 Aug 2014
Use strsplit with "Collapse Delimiters" disabled.
inputstr = '[1,1,,1;1,1,,1;1,1,,1]';
C = strsplit( inputstr , ',' , 'CollapseDelimiters' , 0 );
C =
'[1' '1' '' '1;1' '1' '' '1;1' '1' '' '1]'


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