No FPGA boards listed for HDL Verifier

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Justin on 25 Aug 2014
Commented: Justin on 26 Aug 2014
I am trying to do FPGA-in-the-loop testing using HDL Verifier, however on the first screen (where the FPGA board is selected), I do not see a list of FPGA boards. The only choices I see are: Choose a Board (none are listed), Get More Boards (which requires an internet connection which we cannot use), and Create Custom Board. I have used R2012a HDL Verifier, which produces a list of the boards that are automatically supported by that Matlab version. I would expect R2014a to do the same, but I am not seeing any listed boards.

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Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 25 Aug 2014
The FPGA board definitions for FPGA-in-the-Loop has been moved to hardware support packages since R2013a. This allows us to add new hardware support off release cycles. In case that the internet connection is absent, the best practice is to contact MathWorks support team and they can send you the hardware support packages files directly. Using those files, you can install support packages from files instead of internet.
Thanks, Tao

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Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch on 25 Aug 2014
But you may want to try this process yourself - if you have a machine with the products that does have access to the internet... you can then move the files over to the non-internet machine...
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Justin on 26 Aug 2014
Thanks for the suggestion. At this point, our firewall prevents this course of action, but we will be taking this up with IT to see if an exception can be made for these situations.

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