Problem with findpeaks - error message of 'undefined variable "coder"'

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I am trying to use the findpeaks function out of the signal processing toolbox. When I enter something like...
data = [1 15 4 2]
[pks,local] = findpeaks(data)
...I get
Undefined variable "coder" or class "".
Error in findpeaks>parse_inputs (line 99)
Error in findpeaks (line 71)
[X,Ph,Pd,Th,Np,Str,infIdx] = parse_inputs(Xin,varargin{:});
99 if'MATLAB')
I am running Matlab 2014a with signal & stats & mapping toolboxes & have confirmed that I am pointing to the correct findpeaks function via "which -all findpeaks"

Accepted Answer

AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 29 Aug 2014
This looks like it might be a path issue. Try:
restore defaultpath
rehash toolboxcache
and restart MATLAB.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Aug 2014
I'm really baffled as to why that worked since you said you "have confirmed that I am pointing to the correct findpeaks function via "which -all findpeaks"" Did you ever find out why that worked? Did you have your own function you wrote called coder()????

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 28 Aug 2014
I’m a bit concerned about ‘...something like...’.
What returns when you run:
ac = class(data)
where ‘data’ is your argument to findpeaks.
If that comes back as double, I’m out of ideas and I’ll delete this.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Aug 2014
For me it runs fine and gives:
data =
1 15 4 2
pks =
local =
Try putting a "clear all" before your code and try again. I don't have the mapping toolbox, or the MATLAB Coder toolbox either. What toolboxes are listed when you do "ver"?
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Seth on 29 Aug 2014
Same thing happens after "clear all", and the toolboxes that come up via "ver" are Mapping, Signal Processing, & Statistics, all R2014a.
I'm going to put in a support request to Mathworks; seems like it might be something specific to my install, since nobody else is experiencing this.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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