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Asked by Jacobo Puyoles on 3 Sep 2014
Latest activity Edited by Jacobo Puyoles on 4 Sep 2014
I have a decreasing sine function over the interval of 13 seconds of which I do not know the mathematical equation but have specific values over time.
How can I introduce this function as an input signal in a Simulink model?? That is I want the same sine values over the same period of 13 seconds! Sure it is not hard, but can´t get into the solution.
The example sine function can be found attached
Thanks in advance!


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2 Answers

Answer by Rick Rosson
on 4 Sep 2014
Edited by Rick Rosson
on 4 Sep 2014
 Accepted Answer

Use the From Workspace block.

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Yes I was trying before with From Workspace block but was having some trouble with the format of the variable, as it needs to have one column with time and other columns with data. But now it works!
Thank you Rick!

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Answer by Dishant Arora on 4 Sep 2014

Use inport block to read data from matlab workspace. Check this inport

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Dishant, I do not know how to use "In" source block to import data from workspace, but I used From Workspace block and it works just fine.
Thanks anyway!

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