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Soundsc and sound not Playing anything

Asked by Michael g on 26 Sep 2014
Latest activity Answered by ubaid haroon on 8 Dec 2017
I am having issues with the commads soundsc and sound playing anything through my speakers. I know the audio works, since
load handel;
p = audioplayer(y, Fs);
play(p, [1 (get(p, 'SampleRate') * 3)]);
will play properly.
I am trying to get a variable called speech (a value of 22775x1 double) to play. I type into the command window soundsc(speech) (with speech shown in the workspace). No sound happns, and no error is given. It just shows the command window ready for another input.
I cannot find much on soundsc or sound not working correctly. I saw it might have something to do with Java, but that was for a linux machine. I am running Windows 7, and matlab 2011a.
The file works on other comupters, I got my friend to check his. The variable plays no problem. I am unsure what steps to take so it works here.

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Have you tried playing the speech variable with the audioplayer?

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3 Answers

Answer by Youssef Khmou
on 26 Sep 2014

It can be the range of the vector, try sound(y/max(y),Fs).


this does not work. either:
soundsc(speech/max(speech), Fs)
soundsc(y/max(y), Fs)
nothing happes for either of these inputs.
the variable speech has a min and max of -1.7768e+04 and 1.0936e+04
soundsc() does the scaling automatically so that can't be it.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 26 Sep 2014

Can you attach your "speech" variable in a .mat file with the paperclip icon? In the meantime, you can try the attached demo that creates a warbling sound and plays it. Let me know if it plays sound.


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Answer by ubaid haroon on 8 Dec 2017

It just keeps loading and doesn't play anything. I can't even CTRL+C to stop this. I have to force exit matlab. I am facing the same issue. However, I tried this on my other laptop and it works fine. could possibly be a bug? or some weird setting on that computer. I am not sure.


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