'get' do not provide the name of outports for some subsystems

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I came across a problem with get function. For some subsystems these lines below do not provide the name of port of subsystem, even there is one, and there is name.
connected_inports_handle = get_param(block_of_interest,'PortHandles');
lineHnd = get(connected_inports_handle.Inport(i),'line');
SubName = get(lineHnd,'SourcePort');% get source port number of sub
SubHnd = get(lineHnd,'SrcBlockHandle');% get source block i.e Subsystem
OPName = get(find_system(SubHnd,'BlockType','Outport'),'Name');% get all outport name of subsystem
For some subsystems OPNAME = [], for some it is correct, e.g. [out1, out2] etc.
Paul on 25 Oct 2021
Don't know if it makes a difference, but shouldn't those calls to get() really be calls to get_param()? Is that a documented use of get() ?

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