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Error using for loop to delete empty cell array elements

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I want to completely delete the null elements of routes_log cell array. I use the following code.
for i=1:numel(temp_routes_log)
if (isempty(temp_routes_log{i})==1)
%routes_log can be like {0×0 double} {1×3 double} and I want to
% completely remove the {0×0 double} and make routes_log as just {1×3 double}
But I get error in the case when (for e.g.) 5th entry is null in temp_routes_log but as I am deleting the routes_log elements, the routes_log is no more containing 5 elements and it throws an error at
I also tried storing the indices i and then deleting those routes_log elements directly but I some other error was coming. Please guide on how can I achieve the deletion.

Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 31 Oct 2021
Edited: per isakson on 31 Oct 2021
for i=1:numel(temp_routes_log)
for i = numel(temp_routes_log) : -1 : 1 % loop from last to first element
OR if routes_log is large and speed becomes an issue
to_be_deleted = false(1,numel(routes_log))
for i=1:numel(temp_routes_log)
if isempty(temp_routes_log{i})
to_be_deleted(i) = true;
routes_log(to_be_deleted) = [];
Caveat: not tested
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Jaya on 31 Oct 2021
Edited: Jaya on 15 Nov 2021
For now, routes_log is not so big. So, I used the first solution. Thanks.
Update: The second method works too! I later encountered large sized routes_log & revisited this solution to try the second way.

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