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How can I show two points value in a wave?

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Dear beloved community,
May I know how I can show two values (x and y axis) from the Simulink scope like this image that I found online:
I use the "Data tip" function, but it only can view once. Then when I press other point, the previous value will vanish.
Will really appreciate if you can help. Thank you.
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 2 Nov 2021
why not simply export your simulink data to matlab workspace and do plots with more capabilities than the simulink scope ?

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Answers (1)

Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya
Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya on 10 Nov 2021
A simple workaround is, first right click the scope output and select 'Print display to figure'.
Now you can simply click on points on the new figure that opens up which is identical to the scope output, and select as many points as you need
It will appear as seen in the screenshot below




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