How to Convert Matlab for-loop in Python

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I have a code in Matlab and need to convert it to python:
for idx = 1: numel(alpha)
x(idx) = radius * math.cos(math.pi/180*alpha(idx))
x(idx) = x (idx) + center(1)
y(idx) = radius * math.sin(math.pi/180*alpha(idx))
y(idx) = y (idx) + center(2)
I converted the first line with numpy as np to:
for idx in range(1, np.nummel(alpha)):
but i dont know how to convert the other lines.
It is an compute for an circle.
Thanks for every help.

Accepted Answer

Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 20 Nov 2021
Your code looks like mixture of matlab and python already. math.sin is python, not matlab. Try this:
import math
# Not sure you are usign 0-based or 1-based. You need to check that. python is normally 0-based
for idx in range(0, np.nummel(alpha)):
x[idx] = radius * math.cos(math.pi/180*alpha[idx])
x[idx] = x[idx] + center[1]
y[idx] = radius * math.sin(math.pi/180*alpha[idx])
y[idx] = y[idx] + center[2]

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