Precision number throughout scripts and functions.

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I have a script that calls many functions, when I run the script I want matlab to use a specific value of precision throughout. I have seen the documentation but this seems to just increase the precision for one single calculation?
Is there a way to set the precision to run throughout my entire code?
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Rik on 15 Nov 2021
It sets the precision for the uses of that variable, just like setting the data type to single would do.
You need to make sure that all calculations are performed with the vpa-created variables.

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Chunru on 15 Nov 2021
You can use "format" command to specify a format such as short, long, shortE, shortG. "doc format" for more information.
If you do want to have complete control of the display format, you need to use "fprintf" command.
Rik on 15 Nov 2021
format (or fprintf) will only affect the display, not the precision. You are on the right track with vpa if you need more than what double can provide.

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