how to increase function values through its derivetive

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james sinos
james sinos on 24 Nov 2021
Answered: Star Strider on 24 Nov 2021
we have a derivetive funtion df/dx .
i want to manipulate df/dx in a way to increase the values of the original function f(x) ,
in which way (or many ways if exists) should i move df/dx values in pupose to increase f(x) values .?
this is the graphe of the derivative df/dx throught x.
contexte: the increase of the f(x) throught its derivetive will serve me at the end to increase.
integral of f(x) along x.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 24 Nov 2021
Do some simple experiments to see what produces the desired result —
syms k x
dx1 = 2*x; % Original Derivative
Idx1 = int(dx1) % Original Function
Idx1 = 
dx2 = k*dx1;
Idx2 = int(dx2) % Multiplies Original Function
Idx2 = 
dx3 = k + dx1;
Idx3 = expand(int(dx3)) % Introduces Trend (Slope) Plus Offset To Original Function
Idx3 = 
Experiment with variations on these (Symbolic Math Toolbox required here) to determine what works best.

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