Fontsize in clabel with rotated labels 2014b

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Stephan on 23 Oct 2014
Answered: Rob Comer on 5 Jun 2015
I switched to 2014b improving the look of several diagrams, but also gave me a hard time to adjust a few properties. Up to now I am stuck with the following problem: clabel(C,h) no longer returns a handle, so that I am not able to change the FontSize. The other option is to use clabel(C) but in this case the label is no longer within the lines (it's a bit shifted) and there is a cross which does not improve the readability of the plot.
The question is if there is a way to use clabel(C,h) and also change the FontSize of the labels. I also checked the properties explorer giving me no clue.
Thanks in advance, Stephan
Star Strider
Star Strider on 27 Apr 2015
If you don’t tell TMW, they won’t know it’s a problem.

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Answers (1)

Rob Comer
Rob Comer on 5 Jun 2015
If you download and install one of the workarounds available here for R2014b or R2015a:, you'll be able to use commands like the following to control the FontSize of your labels:
If you try a value and it turns out be either too large or too small, you can adjust it with an additional call to the clabel function, like this:
or simply return to the default value:
The workaround enables a total of 12 properties that affect the appearance of contour labels: Color, FontName, FontSize, FontWeight, and 8 others.

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