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Progress-viewer window of system identification meaning

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Hi, I'm using system identification toolbox, but I'm a bit confused with the progress-viewer window. I mark them with the red rectangular. For iteration and cost, it's easy to understand, but for the rest of them, I don't understand, and I fail to find them in documentation. Could someone please help to explain them?

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Aiswarya on 12 Apr 2024
Hi Raymond,
The progress-viewer window in the image attached seems to be rendered improperly and the fields in the report should be 'Norm of step', 'First-order optimality', 'Improvement Expected', 'Improvement Achieved' and 'Bisections'. An example of the progress-viewer report and its contents is shown in the following example:
The report shows values for each iteration until the termination condition is reached. The fields in the report are same as sys.Report.Termination fields, where 'sys' is an "idpoly" object for the model which can be obtained using estimation commands such as 'polyest' function. You can refer to details about the Termination structure given as an attribute of the 'sys' object in the following documentation: While this structure contains the field values after the termination, the report shows the value for each of these fields in each iteration.
Hope this helps!


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