How can I write a syntax in eval function?

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Wiqas Ahmad
Wiqas Ahmad on 17 Dec 2021
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2021
Is it possible to write the following syntax in eval function? If yes, please write it down
I_para(i,:)=(((((sqrt(P12(i,indx)./(4.*pi))).*cos(theta(j)).*(cos(phi)).^2)) + ((sqrt(P11(i,indx)./(4.*pi))).*((sin(phi)).^2))).^2).* (pi.*(r_med(i)).^2.*Qsca_c(i));
DGM on 19 Dec 2021
The error message means exactly what it says. The expressions are invalid. This is regardless of the abuse of eval(). They're invalid expressions in any context. I can't reasonably guess which parentheses are missing. You'll have to figure out what the expression is supposed to be.
i = 11; % placeholders
j = 22;
exp1 = ['I_para',num2str(i),num2str(j),'=','(','(sqrt(P12',num2str(i),'./(4.*pi)',').*cos(theta',num2str(j),'.*(cos(phi)).^2)','+','(sqrt(P11',num2str(i),'./(4.*pi)','.*(sin(phi)).^2)',').^2','.* (pi.*(r_med',num2str(i),'.^2.*Qsca_c',num2str(i),')',';']
exp1 = 'I_para1122=((sqrt(P1211./(4.*pi)).*cos(theta22.*(cos(phi)).^2)+(sqrt(P1111./(4.*pi).*(sin(phi)).^2)).^2.* (pi.*(r_med11.^2.*Qsca_c11);'
[nnz(exp1 == '(') nnz(exp1 == ')')]
ans = 1×2
14 11
exp2 = ['I_para',num2str(i),num2str(j),'indx','=','(','(sqrt(P12',num2str(i),'indx','./(4.*pi)',').*cos(theta',num2str(j),'.*(cos(phi)).^2)','+(','(sqrt(P11',num2str(i),'./(4.*pi)','.*(sin(phi)).^2)',').^2','.*(','pi.*(r_med',num2str(i),'.^2.*Qsca_c',num2str(i),')',')',';']
exp2 = 'I_para1122indx=((sqrt(P1211indx./(4.*pi)).*cos(theta22.*(cos(phi)).^2)+((sqrt(P1111./(4.*pi).*(sin(phi)).^2)).^2.*(pi.*(r_med11.^2.*Qsca_c11));'
[nnz(exp2 == '(') nnz(exp2 == ')')]
ans = 1×2
15 12
exp3 = ['I_perp',num2str(i),num2str(j),'indx','=','(','(sqrt(P12',num2str(i),'indx','./(4.*pi)',').*cos(theta',num2str(j),'.*(cos(phi)).^2)','-(','(sqrt(P11',num2str(i),'./(4.*pi)','.*(sin(phi)).^2)',').^2','.*(','pi.*(r_med',num2str(i),'.^2.*Qsca_c',num2str(i),')',')',';']
exp3 = 'I_perp1122indx=((sqrt(P1211indx./(4.*pi)).*cos(theta22.*(cos(phi)).^2)-((sqrt(P1111./(4.*pi).*(sin(phi)).^2)).^2.*(pi.*(r_med11.^2.*Qsca_c11));'
[nnz(exp3 == '(') nnz(exp3 == ')')]
ans = 1×2
15 12
Is there any reason why the constant portions of the expression are split into randomly-sized chunks?
instead of just
This seems unnecessary and makes everything more difficult to read.
Mistakes are an eventuality. Unnecessarily complicating things is basically asking for those mistakes to be obfuscated the moment they're made. This is a core element of the warnings already given about eval().
Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2021
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Dec 2021
As DGM explains, by using EVAL you force yourself into writing unnecessarily complex code. But the disadvantages are not only that your code is more complex and obfuscated (than if you used basic indexing), but that you also remove all of MATLAB's inbuilt code helping tools (e.g. mlint static code checking, syntax error highlighting, variable highlighting, code warnings, etc.) which would help you to debug errors. So your design decision makes your code harder to debug. Your question is a good example of this.
Dynamically accessing variable names is also slow and inefficient compared to using basic MATLAB indexing.

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