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Mark S
Mark S on 26 Dec 2021
Edited: Mark S on 8 Jan 2022
can someone help me to insert a function in Matlab correctly. I don't know why it doesn't work for me.
I would like to be able to run this function in the command window
function [relative_pose_endeffector] = forward_kinematics(T_0_3, [0; 0; 0])
q_home = [0; 0; 0;];
relative_pose_endeffector = double(T_0_3(q_actual(1), q_actual(2),q_actual(3)))
In the square brackets I can enter numbers which will be used in the function.
The code already works but I would like to put these "forward kinematics" in a Matlab function. So that I can call this function in the command window.
Can anyone tell me or help me why my function is not working there? Thanks
Here is all my code:

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 26 Dec 2021
Simply modify your function as follows.
function [relative_pose_endeffector] = forward_kinematics(T_0_3, q_actual)
relative_pose_endeffector = double(T_0_3(q_actual(1), q_actual(2),q_actual(3)))
Mark S
Mark S on 26 Dec 2021
Ok thanks very much for your help!

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