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how to give range in xlsread using edit text field in app designer?

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i was to read a coloumn from xlsx file which is simple to implement as following
columnB = xlsread(myExample.xlsx,'B:B'); % this works
but i m designing a app in appdesigner, i want to give option to user to input desired column name, i tryed this through
% lets suppose my text edit field is named as app.Columneditfield
columnB = xlsread(myExample.xlsx,'app.Columneditfield.Value:app.Columneditfield.Value');
% this gives error not a valid range
% because when '' is used to define range it does not pick >>app.Columneditfield.Value<<
% kindly guide

Accepted Answer

Rik on 7 Jan 2022
Assuming app.Columneditfield.Value is already a char, you can simply create the range like this:
Range=[app.Columneditfield.Value ':' app.Columneditfield.Value];
columnB = xlsread('myExample.xlsx',Range);
Rik on 12 Jan 2022
You forgot to leave in the spaces:
%You wrote:
Range = [app.ColumnEditField.Value':'app.ColumnEditField.Value];
%You should have written:
Range = [app.ColumnEditField.Value ':' app.ColumnEditField.Value];
taimour sadiq
taimour sadiq on 12 Jan 2022
i really made a silly mistake.. appreciate ur patience... Now it works fine according to my requirement.

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