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Importing and Plotting Data

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Paul on 18 Nov 2014
Commented: Paul on 18 Nov 2014
I have pasted 4 columns of data into a .txt file and then:
trying to plot all 4 on the same plot but im getting:
Undefined variable Data.
Error in Lab5Practice (line 42)
a few days ago i made a similar plot using the same method and it worked fine but today neither this nor the old one will work. I have not moved any files since then and the file path shows correct. What am i missing here?

Accepted Answer

Hikaru on 18 Nov 2014
It's because you have not define the variable data .
Paul on 18 Nov 2014
that did it, thanks you so much!
The comment thing was my fault, i fixed it (i think) just after i hit submit and then looked up and saw the comment function. first time user here, wont happen again.
Paul on 18 Nov 2014
i used the data = dlmread('Lab5data.txt') and it worked.
seems somehow, maybe when it was saved, its capitalized "Data" as well as another thing, strange. Ill watch out for it next time.

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