Save multiple columns of multiple csv files?

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lil brain
lil brain on 20 Jan 2022
Commented: lil brain on 22 Jan 2022
I have the following code:
[file_list, path_n] = uigetfile('.csv', 'Grab csv', 'Multiselect', 'on')
if ismatrix(file_list) == 0
file_list = {file_list}
for i = 1:length(file_list)
filename = file_list{i}
data_in = readmatrix([path_n, filename]);
% here I would like to import columns 7-27 for each file
% but instead of saving only the last iteration of the loop I want to
% save each in a new variable
columns(i) = data_in(:,7:27);
Every time I run this I get an error that I dont understand.
Unable to perform assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements.
Error in test (line 10)
columns(i) = data_in(:,7:27);
I have figured out how to get the 21 columns saved in columns but it only saves the last iteration. How do I save each iteration?
Help would be much appreciated.
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Stephen23 on 21 Jan 2022
Simpler way to ensure that the output is a cell array of character vectors:
[file_list, path_n] = uigetfile(...);
file_list = cellstr(file_list); % <- easy

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Accepted Answer

_ on 21 Jan 2022
[file_list, path_n] = uigetfile('.csv', 'Grab csv', 'Multiselect', 'on');
if ~iscell(file_list)
file_list = {file_list};
columns = cell(length(file_list),1);
for i = 1:length(file_list)
filename = file_list{i};
data_in = readmatrix([path_n, filename]);
columns{i} = data_in(:,7:27);
% if you want to put all the data into one matrix:
columns = cell2mat(columns);
lil brain
lil brain on 22 Jan 2022
Hey Benjamin, wow thanks for the insightful answer and the good directions as well. Very much appreciated! I will have a go at implenting it as a cell array then. I havent had to much experience witht he different formats and so I just kind of used what I knew. Thanks again!

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