Solving set of 2 equations doesn't give a numerical solution

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Hi there,
I'm solving a quite simple equation on my computer with the following code:
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syms x y
eq1 = 2*x+3 == 7*y;
eq2 = 2*y*7 == 123 + 2*x;
[x,y] = solve(eq1,eq2,x,y)
Doing this on my laptop (matlab 2014) the solution gives: x = [x] and y = [y]
Running this code on the laptop of my colleague (matlab 2012) gives a solution: x = [117/2] and y = [120/7]
Is there a toolbox that needs to be installed for solving sets of equations or a preference that needs to be checked? I've been able to calculate them in the past but since a week I'm unable of solving them.
Thanks for your help, Alexander

Accepted Answer

MA on 21 Nov 2014
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syms x y
eq1 = 2*x+3-7*y;
eq2 = 2*y*7-123-2*x;
S= solve(eq1,eq2,x,y);
S=[S.x S.y]

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