How to access 'non-automatable' parameters in a AU/VST in MATLAB with `loadAudioPlugin()`?

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Jamie Pond
Jamie Pond on 9 Feb 2022
Commented: Jimmy Lapierre on 13 Feb 2022
Hi everyone,
I'm currently creating a test-suite for a plugin I'm working on, but there are non-automatable parameters (i.e. not exposed to the VST/AU parameter API, so do not show up in MATLAB). Is there any way to open the interface/GUI of the plugin to make tweaks before I run my tests or is this not possible?
Any other ideas are very welcome!
Thanks in advance,

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Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 9 Feb 2022
Hi Jamie,
The ability to display the plugin's custom GUI is not currently available. If you'd like to share what's your affiliation and very small summary of your use-case, I will create or amend the request to add this feature in a future release.
Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 13 Feb 2022
If it's for testing a plugin that you are developping, I wonder if using OSC/UDP would work (having MATLAB send UPD messages to the plugin, to a "debugging" side-channel).

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