How to set names to each colunm and row using "writematrix"?

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Dear Mathcoders,
I just wonder how to name the colunms and rows of table done by using writematrix, have not found a workaround for this yet:
B=flip([Irr_ SOC_ PV_Harvest_ Mean_consump ElecEnergy_cons PVenergy_ ...
Power_Batt_ heating_c_ Cooling_c HDW_c EV_ Sp_ Power_Build_]);
Labels=["Irr", "SOC", "PVHarvest", "Mecons", "ElecEne", "PVen", "PBatt", "heatc", "Coc", "HDc", "EV", "Sp", "PBuild"];
writematrix(B, Labels, 'Means.xls')

Accepted Answer

Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 9 Feb 2022
You can use writetable for this as follows:
B = rand(100,13);
Labels=["Irr", "SOC", "PVHarvest", "Mecons", "ElecEne", "PVen", "PBatt", "heatc", "Coc", "HDc", "EV", "Sp", "PBuild"];
writetable(array2table(B, 'VariableNames', Labels), 'Means.xls')

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Feb 2022
You can first writecell the header and then writematrix with WriteMode append.
Or array2table using the labels as variable names and writetable()


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