How to represent this state space form in Simulink model?

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With the orginal mathematical equation I got this
and build the Matrix
How should I build my Simulink Model accordingly for a 4th-order system it should have 4 integrator, but according to x4dot, there are x2steady-state missing, here is what I have now for my model
How should I modify the red area I mard to get the desired output response

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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 24 Feb 2022
Drop 4 integrators (1/s) into your model, do not connect them to anything yet.
Draw signal wires leading in and out of each integrator.
Enter names for each signal wire like so
Integrator Input Label Output Label
1st x1_dot x1
2nd x2_dot x2
3rd x3_dot x3
4th x4_dot x4
Use your four equations dx1/dt, ... dx4/dt
to quide what signals and operations should be wired together to form the signal x1_dot, ... x4_dot




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