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Plot velocity over distance(plot over line) from the attached csv file?

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Hi, I have extracted some data from Image analysis experiment and it extracted in csv file (file is sttached). I want to use the x and y information from column 5 (x mm) and 6(y mm) and column 10 (v m/s) and plot column 5 and 6 information on x-axis and corresponding cploumn 10 info on y-axis
I want to pick the
starting point from column 5 (x=-60) and (y=118) all the way to ending point (x=-391) and (y=118) this will give me the length of 331 mm in x direction at y=118 mm and then plot the corresponding column 10 (v m/s) values on y axis. so I can see how the velocities are changing over the length across the device.
I am looking through the forums and googling since morning but to be honest I couldn't write a single line here
files = ['F:\3-PIV_Experimental_Data\Outlet_110\ABCD_DesignPoint\Profile_Plot\Center_ABCDlineplot\Average_VectorStiching\Export.6v71h6lu.000002.csv'];
a = readmatrix(files);
%Starting point
%Ending point
%Velocity data
%Plot the velocity over distance

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 12 Mar 2022
I'm not quite sure what you are looking for, so here are some techniques:
Load Data as table
[filename, folder] = uigetfile({'.csv'},'F:\3-PIV_Experimental_Data\Outlet_110\ABCD_DesignPoint\Profile_Plot\Center_ABCDlineplot\Average_VectorStiching\');
Data = readtable(fullfile(folder,filename));
Create scatterplot of Velocity (m/s) versus the x and y coordinates (mm)
xlabel('x (mm)')
ylabel('y (mm)')
zlabel('Velocity (m/s)')
If you are looking for a 2D plot of the velocity versus the x position when y = 118, then the following would work (note, the velocity is consistently zero.
whenx_between_n60_n391 = find(round(Data.x_mm__mm_)<=-60 & round(Data.x_mm__mm_)>=-391);
whenyis118 = find(round(Data.y_mm__mm_)==118);
index = intersect(whenx_between_n60_n391,whenyis118);
xlabel('x (mm)')
ylabel('Velocity (m/s)')
Look at specific range:
xlabel('x (mm)')
ylabel('y (mm)')
zlabel('Velocity (m/s)')
Try different range:
possiblestart_x = find(round(Data.x_mm__mm_)==-61);
possiblestart_y = find(round(Data.y_mm__mm_)==116);
start_index = intersect(possiblestart_x,possiblestart_y);
possibleend_x = find(round(Data.x_mm__mm_)==-391);
possibleend_y = find(round(Data.y_mm__mm_)==119);
end_index = intersect(possiblestart_x,possiblestart_y)
xlabel('x (mm)')
ylabel('y (mm)')
zlabel('Velocity (m/s)')
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muhammad choudhry
muhammad choudhry on 12 Mar 2022
absolutely legend!! you gave me more then I was looking... Thanks alot again! I am going to break it down and learn bit by bit, thanks alot again!

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