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How to find out number of pages in a PDF file?

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I use the matlab function extractFileText( ) (from the Text Analytics Toolbox) to read PDF file.
But how do I find out number of pages in a PDF file?

Accepted Answer

Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig on 18 Oct 2023
pdfinfo returns this information, starting in 23a.

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 30 Apr 2022
I don't know of anything built into MATLAB that would provide this. It's possible you could write a batch file/shell script to do this for you using an external tool like pdftk, ghostscript, or qpdf.

Sivakumar Kaliyappan
Sivakumar Kaliyappan on 9 Jan 2024
filename = "file_Name.pdf";
info = pdfinfo(filename)
info = struct with fields:
NumPages: 5
PageSize: [47×4 double]
PDFVersion: "1.6"
Title: ""
Subject: ""
Language: "en-GB"
Keywords: ""
Author: "William Shakespeare"
Creator: "Microsoft® Word 2013"
Producer: "Microsoft® Word 2013"
CreationDate: 21-Jul-2017 11:53:33
ModificationDate: 28-Sep-2022 17:30:37
Encrypted: 0
AllowsTextExtraction: 1
Filename: "C:\TEMP\exampleSonnets.pdf"
This is possible on R2023a or b
If you do not have R2023b use MATLAB online





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