I have received "deactivation required"

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Gennady Platov
Gennady Platov on 18 Mar 2022
Answered: Michal on 29 Sep 2022
I have received "deactivation required". I had 1-year license and was just in the beginning of its use. Is it because of sanctions aganst Russia?
Alexander Nikitin
Alexander Nikitin on 24 Apr 2022
I have also received this message, and my license is GONE from my account without any explanation! I'm also from Russia. I bought a perpetual individual MATLAB Home license in 2014. I have contacted support, and my request got automatically redirected to a local distributor (exponenta.ru). I'm waiting for an explanation. If this is due to sanctions against Russia, then it looks like I will have to permanently migrate from MATLAB to Python and open-source libraries.
@Gennady Platov, @Sergey Vagner have you received any explanation regarding this problem?
Gennady Platov
Gennady Platov on 25 Apr 2022
I made a call to exponenta.ru and they explained that now they are managing Matlab licences in Russia and promised to rearrange my licence in some time but before that they provided me a temporal licence.

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Answers (3)

Michal on 29 Sep 2022
There is an official TMW statement ...

David on 23 Mar 2022
Edited: David on 23 Mar 2022
@Sergey Vagner, @Gennady Platov, you should contact your distributor to see what's going on with your licensing.
Vladimir Glavnyi
Vladimir Glavnyi on 9 Jun 2022
@Alexander Nikitin, did you solve this issue?
All my requests automatically were redirected to matlab@exponenta.ru.
Alexander Nikitin
Alexander Nikitin on 9 Jun 2022
@Vladimir Glavnyi no, my requests were all automatically redirected to exponenta.ru who said that they do not provide any support to individuals, they only work with organizations. Mathworks should provide support for Matlab Home licenses, but I have found no way to contact their customer support as was suggested by @David.
@MathWorks Support Team, @David please provide an official reason as to why our licenses were removed from our accounts and when can we expect for them to be restored to us. You could have at least send an e-mail to your customers when you removed their licenses with an explanation. Local distributor does not provide any support for Matlab Home licenses bought directly from your website.

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Vladimir Glavnyi
Vladimir Glavnyi on 7 Jun 2022
I have the same promlem with "Home | Individual | Perpetual" (Matlab 2021).
At May 30 I received "deactivation required". Now my licence doesn't displayed in my accaund and I can't lin my licence due to "Invalid Activation Key (510)".
My supprot request was forwarded to the Russian local distributor exponenta.ru.
I have made call to exponenta.ru, they said that they can't help me becouse my Home licence has been bought directly via www.mathworks.com. So this licence is out of scope of the local distributor exponenta.ru.
What should I write in a second support request so that it is not redirected to the local distributor again?
Сan my problem be solved?


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