Is it possible to extract and store data to uitable in GUI

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Is it possible to extract a set of data from an equation and store it in a uitable?
I want to extract the output data from an equation to a uitable and then later on export it to excel. Not sure if the first part is possible.
My code that I'm trying to extract data:
C_0 = str2double(get(handles.Input_C_0,'String'));
v = str2double(get(handles.Input_v,'String'));
t = str2double(get(handles.Input_t,'String'));
D = str2double(get(handles.Input_D,'String'));
R = str2double(get(handles.Input_R,'String'));
t_half = str2double(get(handles.Input_t_half,'String'));
X1 = str2double(get(handles.Input_X1,'String'));
X2 = str2double(get(handles.Input_X2,'String')); %%%all user inputs
x = X1:0.1:X2;
lambda = (0.69314718)./t_half;
beta = sqrt((v./(2.*D)).^2+(lambda.*R)./D);
subA = (x-t.*sqrt((v./R).^2+(4.*lambda.*D)./R))./2.*sqrt((D.*t)./R);
subB = (x+t.*sqrt((v./R).^2+(4.*lambda.*D)./R))./2.*sqrt((D.*t)./R);
C1 = (1./2).*exp((v.*x)./(2.*D)).*(exp(-beta.*x).*erfc(subA)+exp(beta.*x).*erfc(subB)); %%%equation with sub equations
C = C1./C_0;
C will generate a graph with values for each x, I wonder if I can put it in a uitable

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Sep 2011
xlswrite('YourFile.xls', [x(:),C(:)])
Bastion on 29 Sep 2011
Sweet, it works and the Excel is in the Matlab directory, thanx for the help.

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