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Peter on 30 Dec 2014
Edited: Peter on 30 Dec 2014
I need to know how to save or export a 2D Contour plot into an Image file (preferible with .jpeg extension).
I would like also to be able to specify the output location (the folder where the image will be saved), I have tried with this:
xlabel('AXIS X')
ylabel('AXIS Y')
But then it appears the following error message:
??? Error using ==> save
Unable to write file name_of_my_image.fig: permission denied.
Any idea about how to do it?. Thanks!
Peter on 30 Dec 2014
Thank you Geoff,
In fact i am not specifying any folder, so i do not understand why some permission is denied. I have permission to save everywhere in my PC.
I think that what i want to do is simple, i just want to plot a contour and save it automatically in a folder.
It should be quite easy, just adding some lines to the script to save the contour plot generated as an image.jpg somewhare in my PC . But i am trying and i do not get it...

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Dec 2014
I would not use jpg format. I never create JPEG images. JPEG can/will degrade your image. Use PNG instead.
What does this report in the command window if you call it just before hgsave:
You probably can't save to that folder.
Peter on 30 Dec 2014
Edited: Peter on 30 Dec 2014
Okey, thank you very much to you all.
I finally made it this way:
name = '0050';
fpath = 'C:\Path1\Path2...';
saveas(gca, fullfile(fpath, name), 'png');
And it Worked!!
Anyway i will download export_fig and play with it for a while.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 30 Dec 2014
You need to save it somewhere else or have write-permissions for that directory. You could change the directory settings, or run MATLAB as an admin (on Windows right-click the icon, run as admin).

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