parallel.gpu.CUDAKernel memory types

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m4 Chrennikov
m4 Chrennikov on 27 Sep 2011
Hi folks.
I would like to know which types of CUDA memory I can use with subj matlab object. More specifically I wonder if user can use constant or texture memory. I'm newbie in CUDA programming but AFAIK using such memory types requires code outside kernel, but this code (cpu code) is discarded by compiler with -ptx flag. Correct me if I'm wrong or forward some useful links.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 28 Sep 2011
Currently it's not possible to use either texture or constant memory with CUDAKernel objects. The memory caches in recent NVIDIA GPUs mean that many of the advantages of using constant memory are no longer so important.
Do you have a particular example of what you'd like to do with texture/constant memory?

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m4 Chrennikov
m4 Chrennikov on 6 Dec 2011
I've read about LDU in Fermi arch, but it isn't clear for me in which cases values from global memory are cached. Could you give some explanations on that using my comment above?
As I understood there is no way to use textures?

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