Helping adding Tittle to Plot (multititle)

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I have a contour plot and i need a title like that for it:
"my title" variable1 variable2
My title is a character string always the same, but variable1 and variable2 change with every plot.
I have tried this:
title('my title', variable1, variable2);
But it did not work.
Error in ==> title at 55
set(h, 'String', string, pvpairs{:});
I also want to add units to the colourbar and a legend
Thank you very much!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 5 Jan 2015
If ‘variable1’ and ‘variable2’ are strings, this works:
variable1 = 'Velocity';
variable2 = 'Position';
scatter(rand(10,1), rand(10,1), 'bp')
title(sprintf('“My Title“ %s %s', variable1, variable2))
UCRMechanicalEngineer on 29 Jun 2016
Edited: UCRMechanicalEngineer on 29 Jun 2016
Thank you, this helped me.

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Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 5 Jan 2015
title(['my title' var1 var2])
depending on the variable type, you may have to convert to string and add separators like whitespace when concatenating.
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Peter on 5 Jan 2015
adding separators like whitespace does not work, the variables appears together

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