Floating scope will not display data (wired scope ok)

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How do I use a floating scope? Wired scope to the same signal works fine. With the floating scope, I select the signal through 'Signal Selection' on the scope, run the simulation, see data in the wired scope, see not data in the floating scope and autoscale is 'greyed' out as if no data is there.
How do I get this to work?

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Paul Costa
Paul Costa on 8 Jan 2015
Have you cleared the "Signal storage reuse" check box from the Configuration Parameters dialog? Here's some info from the documentation:
Before using a Floating Scope in a simulation, clear the Signal storage reuse check box in the Optimization > Signals and Parameters pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. For more information, see Optimization Pane: Signals and Parameters.

Paul Moore
Paul Moore on 8 Jan 2015
Yes. The "Signal storage reuse" box is 'unchecked'. I did this early on and just reran the simulation again to verify that this checkbox has no effect on the floating scope (no data).
You say to find this checkbox in the "Signals and Parameters" pane of "Optimization". My "Configuration Parameters" dialog only has one view called "Simulation and code generation". There are no other 'panes'. The dialog I see does have the "Signal storage reuse" checkbox, which is 'unchecked".
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Paul Costa
Paul Costa on 9 Jan 2015
Sorry for the trouble. I suggest you send your example model and relevant information (MATLAB version, OS, etc) to support@mathworks.com. They should be able to help you sort this out.

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Nathan Zimmerman
Nathan Zimmerman on 9 Feb 2017
Having a similar issue. Signals from a model reference that are test-pointed won't display. You check them, then you run the simulation and they uncheck themselves. No error/warning messages appear as to why that might be.


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