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Parameters for Matlab.unittest.TestCase

Asked by Chris
on 16 Jan 2015
Latest activity Answered by Ricardo Krause on 21 Feb 2019
I would like to use the framework of TestCase/TestSuite/TestRunner. I want to do the same tests for different test cases. For actually implementing the tests I simple wrote a class derived from "TestCase" where the "methods (Test)" holds the implementation. I am instancing the TestSuite by "fromFolder" where my TestCase-class is located in order to be able to use it for different test cases with the same file structure. That works out fine.
Now I have to problem of transferring parameters to the TestCase-class in order to be able to use them in the setup process, i.e. different setup parameters for the different test cases.
The only solution I could come up with is writing control file to be read in the ClassSetupMethod - but that's not favourable in this situation. Is there a possibility of passing parameters on to the actual TestCase used in the TestRunner, e.g. when creating the instance of the TestCase? I mean online, i.e. different parameters for every run of the TestSuite, and not fixed Parameters like when using "properties (ClassSetupParameter)".
PS: I am using R2013a.


Couple questions. How many parameters are we talking about? Are the parameters known ahead of time or are they "dynamic" in some way? Also, is this for production use cases or for simple experimental cases?
There are a limited number of parameters (about 3 to 5) but the parameters are dynamic and not known in advance. Since this should be used for daily overnight tests I have to find an automated way to deal with changes.

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2 Answers

Answer by David Hruska on 10 Feb 2015

If you have access to R2014a or later, parameterized testing could still be an option. Parameter values are often hard-coded but they need not be. You could, for example, call a local function to determine the parameterization of your test:
classdef exampleTest < matlab.unittest.TestCase
properties (ClassSetupParameter)
Param = getParameterValues;
% Reset of the test code
function p = getParameterValues
% Determine paramterization
p = <whatever>
In this example, the "getParameterValues" function gets called when the class is parsed -- typically the first time you create the suite in a MATLAB session. The function won't get called again (and therefore you won't get a different parameterization) until you clear the class or start a new MATLAB session. If you can live with these limitations, parameterized testing might be worth a look.

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I had a similar issue (using 2016a), in which I wanted to have the parameterization for the test suite to come from external data. I used your suggestion and it seems to work. Great idea.

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Answer by Ricardo Krause on 21 Feb 2019

Hi @all,
in relation to this topic I've been thinking about the use of an IoC container which I like to use for different test cases in same tests.
I tried to setup my container as singleton in the TestRunner, but I struggle to make them available in my test classes.
Has anyone had any experience with this?


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