How to use I/O mode to control a servo motor?

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Hello everyone, I am learning to use Arduino to control a servo motor. I successfully realized the this model, using external mode(run on the board), and the motor worked well. However, if I switch to I/O mode(run on the computer), the motor won't move at all. What other settings should I do?
I have another program that is too large to run on the board, so I want to try I/O mode first in this simple example. Any reply is welcomed. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 3 Jun 2022
Hi Cong Sun,
Not all the block support connected IO mode.
The blocks that support this IO mode are listed in the following page:
Other blocks which are not listed in this page will output 0s if you try to run in connecte IO mode.
Hope this helps!
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 24 Jun 2022
Hi Cong Sun,
Changing of PWM frequency is not supported in Connected IO mode.
Cong Sun
Cong Sun on 24 Jun 2022
Dear Kumar
Thank you for the reply. I think I will try another way. Do you have plan to enrich the functions of Connected IO mode? Have a nice weekend!

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