How the user can save his result(gui) in a folder that he wanted??

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Hye guyz. You all here realy help me with matlab since i am a beginner. Now i know a little bit about gui in matlab. I have a question. i have a figure of gui and a save button. I did this coding:
filename = inputdlg('Please enter the name for your figures');
extensions = {'fig','bmp'};
for k = 1:length(extensions
saveas(gcf, filename{:}, extensions{k})
But this only can save at the folder of my gui. How i want to make the user can choose which folder that he want to save the gui in .bmg file??

Accepted Answer

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 21 Feb 2011
This should work on Windows OS, don't know how to do it for other OS.
filename = inputdlg('Please enter the name for your figures');
extensions = {'fig','bmp'};
dname = uigetdir('C:'); %you can change C: to other directories
%or even use a edit box where the user can select the default path
for k = 1:length(extensions)
saveas(gcf, [dname '\' filename{:}], extensions{k})
Kenneth Eaton
Kenneth Eaton on 21 Feb 2011
You can use the function FULLFILE to make the filepath creation OS-independent:

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Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 21 Feb 2011
where you can extract the path that the user requests.

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