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Error message "Found unsupported dimensions on matrix type at input port: 0" has occurred while generating HDL(Verilog) Code from matlab algorithm.

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I have been working on a project to produce synthesizable verilog code from matlab code of Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm with the help of HDL Coder. Everything was going right, then I got stuck at this problem. I couldn't find a right solution to it anywhere else. I have attached the error screenshot for reference. I couldn't understand what does unsupported dimensions mean ! I've manually checked the dimensions of the matrix and I found no issue with it. It's a 360 * 640 input image matrix of fixed point objects. Could anyone please help me in this aspect. Thanks in advance.

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 26 May 2022
Edited: Bharath Venkataraman on 27 May 2022
It would be helpful to see the code (at least at the high level of the testbench and top level design). For conversion to HDL, you need the interfaces to be either single or multiple pixels rather than the entire matrix coming in, since that is how the FPGA/ASIC would get data.
Showing the result of the "Define Input Types" stage would be helpful too.

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