Plot a 2D Gaussian prior

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Dave Mansfield
Dave Mansfield on 27 May 2022
Commented: Dave Mansfield on 27 May 2022
So i want to get a heatmap / contour plot of a gaussian prior - before any data has been collected. So essetially im just plotting a 2D covarience funtion. I feel like this should be easy but im going mad trying to sort it out. Does anyone have any ideas where to start?

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Paul on 27 May 2022
Something like this?
mu = [1 1];
Sigma = [1 .7*1*sqrt(2); .7*1*sqrt(2) 2];
[X,Y] = meshgrid(-2:.1:4);
p = mvnpdf([X(:) Y(:)],mu,Sigma);
p = reshape(p,size(X));
pcolor(X,Y,p),shading interp
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Dave Mansfield
Dave Mansfield on 27 May 2022
yeah somthing along those lines, this is definitly a good starting point. Thank you

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 May 2022
Maybe this:
arrayWidth = 500;
sigma = 80; % Standard deviation.
g = fspecial("gaussian", arrayWidth, sigma); % Create Gaussian matrix.
imshow(g, []);
axis('on', 'image')




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