"matfile" function does not fetch variables with multiple fields?

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I have a very big mat file(about 2 GB),in which there are several hierarchical relationships, there is an array of variables occupy a lot of memory, such as matObj.field.sub1.sub2.var, in the "var" occupies a lot of space, it is not convenient to import into matlab at once, so I use the matfile function to parse, size function to determine the size of var, I tried to use size( matObj,'field.sub1.sub2.var') to judge, but it will report an error, field.sub1.sub2.var is not a variable of matObj. How can I solve the problem efficiently? I'd appreciate your answer!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 May 2022
You cannot. Only entire variables can be inquired about. You would have to load the variable to determine the size of the field.
I suggest that you store the sizes into a variable at the time you write the data into the file.

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