Create and Deploy Interactive Dashboard on Arduino - Adafruit ILI9341

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I am working on an Arduino project which required a TFT graphics display to show some data (touch response not critical). I checked all the documents in relations to Arduino Hardware support and came across follwings support pages that talk about using Adafruit ILI9341 Graphics display:
However when I setup my simulink project with said configuration, I don't see a "Display Properties" under Model Settings -> Target Hardware Resources -> Groups.
I was wondering if Mathworks has removed support for this hardware or am I missing something?
Edit 1:
  1. Arduino Mega 2560
  2. Adafruit ILI9341 3.2" display
The TFT works after removing the touch button from Simulink model. Any Idea why the touch objects like Button are not supported on this board ? The guide says this issue is limited to Arduino DUE.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 1 Jun 2022
Hi Prashant,
Support for graphical displays was added in 21a.
Please use MATLAB R2021a or newer version to use this feature.
Prashant on 18 Jun 2023
Edited: Prashant on 18 Jun 2023
Hi Arun,
I now have upgraded MATLAB 2023a license and I was just trying to recreate the project on a TFT display however its still not working stably.
  1. I wired the TFT with Arduino Mega board and first to test the wiring (in SPI mode) , I uploaded a standard Adafruit project through Arduino IDE. Everything seems to work fine.
  2. I than disabled the TFT object from model settings and uploaded the arduino_dashboard_deploy project onto the Mega and everything from counter to pushbutton also seems to work fine.
  3. Once i enable display properties in hardware properties and configure the Adafruit display as per the instructions, when I build, Deploy and start the project, the GUI does pop up on TFT display for half a second but then it goes away.
  4. With Monitor and Tune, I get the GUI for couple of seconds but both the dial and button are distorted and nothing happen when i press the push button on TFT display (the LED does activate when pressing button on simulink GUI). After a few seconds this image too goes away as if the display is being reset.
Edit 1:
Okay so after removing the touch button, I was able to see counters running on the TFT display however are the GUIs suppose to be this distorted ? Also, why's Arduiono Mega having issues with the touch display when in the guide it says Due not able to support this function ?

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