Controlling GUI through a matlab code

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Hend Faiad
Hend Faiad on 4 Jun 2022
Answered: Tom Teasdale on 10 Jun 2022
  • How can I write a matlab code that controls the appearacne of textboxes and button in a GUI?
  • for instance I want matlab to display n textboxes when I input n to a text box in GUI,How can I do that?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jun 2022
generally speaking if you have a fixed maximum number of them it can sometimes be easier to create them all at design time but make them invisible until needed.

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Answers (1)

Tom Teasdale
Tom Teasdale on 10 Jun 2022
I understand you want to programatically create a varying number of UI components. Your second question could be implemented as follows. Paste this example into a Live Script to execute it yourself.
gridMain = uigridlayout(...
'RowHeight', {'fit', '1x'}, ...
'ColumnWidth', {'1x', 'fit'});
gridTextAreas = uigridlayout(gridMain, ...
'ColumnWidth', {'1x'}, ...
'Scrollable', 'on');
gridTextAreas.Layout.Row = [1 numel(gridMain.RowHeight)];
editfield = uieditfield(gridMain, 'numeric', ...
'ValueChangedFcn', @(~,e) onValueChanged(gridTextAreas,e));
editfield.Layout.Row = 1;
function onValueChanged(gridTextAreas, event)
n = event.Value;
set(gridTextAreas, 'RowHeight', repmat({'fit'},n,1))
for i = 1:n
text = sprintf('This is textarea %i/%i', i, n);
uitextarea(gridTextAreas, 'Value', text)
Note that in AppDesigner the implementation of the onValueChanged function handle would look different, as you usually pass the app, then the handle of the object generating the callback and then the event data.




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