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I created a search box for finding in a certain column of a table different values. All good till now, that's easy, but i also want to create a popup menu where user can adust the search by selecting percentage (like 1%, 2%, 3% an so on). I dont know exactly how to explain in english, sorry.
Example: If the user want to search the number 15 and all the numbers before and after 15 with +- 2 (or 200%) , the result will be al rows containing 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17
Thanks !
Cristian Martin
Cristian Martin on 14 Jun 2022
The question is about the code, how to find numbers around a fixed value with possibilities to increase or decrease the search?

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ILoveMATLAB on 14 Jun 2022
Edited: ILoveMATLAB on 14 Jun 2022
All you have to do is use logical indexing. I assume you already do this to find the whole numbers
%Assume 13 and 17 are your limits, and tbl is your original table. Also assume col1 contains numbers.
TF = (tbl.col1>= 13) & (tbl.co1<=17)
filteredTbl = tbl(TF,:)
%If you replace 13 and 17 with variables your search becomes adjustable.
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Cristian Martin
Cristian Martin on 15 Jun 2022
Indeed, thanks. It was so easy...

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