How to Split test and training set

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I am stuck on how split train and test data correctly.
XTrain = readtable("urbanGB.csv");
YTrain = readtable("urbanGB.labels.csv");

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Garmit Pant
Garmit Pant on 23 Jun 2022
Hello Uthowaipru
It is my understanding that you have data in the form of CSV files that you wish to load and split into train and test subsets.
You can use the 'cvpartition' function of the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox to do the same.
You'll can use the following code snippet to divide your data into training and test subsets.
XTrain = readtable("urbanGB.csv");
YTrain = readtable("urbanGB.labels.csv");
XTrain.Y = table2cell(YTrain); %assuming YTrain to be a single column
rng('default') % For reproducibility
n = length(XTrain.Y);
hpartition = cvpartition(n,'Holdout',0.3); % Nonstratified partition
idxTrain = training(hpartition);
tblTrain = tbl(idxTrain,:);
idxTest = test(hpartition);
tblTest = tbl(idxNew,:);
You can refer to the documentation of cvpartition for more details: cvpartition

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