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how can i print output from table to word or excel?

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first of all thank u for your time and sorry for asking too many questions....for example i have this table it possible to export this table to word or excel so that i dont have to write them one by one and this table is really big...i know there is a function for this i tried that but nothing happend

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Karan Kannoujiya
Karan Kannoujiya on 25 Jun 2022
Hi arian,
You want to write the table data to excel or word-->
You can use below command to write the table data into excel
writetable(tableName, location , 'Sheet', 1);
'tableName' is the name of the table
'location' is where you wanted to save the excel sheet....suppose your excel sheet file name is 'excelData' and you wanted to save on desktop then location should be -->
location = 'Desktop/excelData';
I hope it helps
Karan Kannoujiya
Karan Kannoujiya on 25 Jun 2022
write full location of the file for e,g
location = 'C:\Users\karan\Desktop\myData.xls'
that will work

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