how to change directory?

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riki singh
riki singh on 4 Jul 2022
Answered: Siraj on 4 Jul 2022
Error using actxserver
Server creation failed. Invalid ProgID 'CSTStudio.application.2019'.
%this direc is default set to:-
direc ='C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\1033'
macroDir = fullfile(direc,'CST_App Macros')
%at this point my directory is C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\1033\CST_App Macros'
% how to save it to my directory
direc1 ='E:\MS FILE\101MSDCF DEC2014-17'
macroDir1 = fullfile(direc1,'CST_App Macros')
%and i want my directory to be E:\MS FILE\101MSDCF DEC2014-17\CST_App Macros'
2018a version

Answers (1)

Siraj on 4 Jul 2022
It is my understanding that the variable "macroDir1" has the full path of the directory. Now if you want to switch your workspace to macroDir1 then you can use the "cd" command.
Refer to the documentation for more on cd in MATLAB.
Hope it helps


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