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Is there a way to change value of Data Store Memory in Simevents with App Designer?

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I am trying to use App Designer as a user interface to change values of Data Store Memory in Simevents. For example, all the operators' default value is 0 and if the operator "See" is selected, value changes to 1. Is there a way to do this?

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Gowtham on 5 Sep 2023
Edited: Gowtham on 27 Sep 2023
Hello Ho Jung Kim,
I understand that you want to change value of Data Store Memory in Simevents. For example, updating the values of the drop-down menu using an event that triggers the change. This can be achieved by function callback on a sample button used to trigger the same.
Callback on the changeValue button
  • The changeValueButtonPushed callback of changeValue button is triggered on button push
  • It updates the value in the drop-down by accessing each drop-down menu
To further extend this, the variables can be stored in the workspace using the commands save or assignin. This data can be accessed by load command to use it in a Data Store Memory block in any Simevents.
Feel free to refer to the following documentation for further understanding:
Hope it helps!


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