I want to use contourf function to plot 2d velocity data

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I have the x,y and corersponding velocity components u and v as a matrix data. I want to use this matrix data to plot a contour of velocity.
I went tried already using the Matlab database but I don't get epected results. It is hard to interpret the code given in the database, do if anyone can help to relate the code with the velocity data I have would be a big help.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 13 Jul 2022
Without the data themselves to work with, the only suggestion I have is to create a vector from ‘u’ and ‘v’ using the hypot function. It is relatively straightforward to interpolate ‘x’, ‘y’, and the resulting magnitude vector created by hypot to matrices to use with contourf.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 13 Jul 2022
Let u,v be your velcity matrices.
w = sqrt(u.^2+v.^2) ;
pcolor(x,y,w) ; % if throws error, transpose w
shading interp
Mandar Kadwekar
Mandar Kadwekar on 14 Jul 2022
thanks for the help, I got the result now. I was just using wrong varaible.

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