How to create a 4D surface from scattered data?

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I have 245 results of a variable C, which are the combination of 3 indepent variables x, y, z.
I am modelling on a CFD software which interpolates betwen these 245 results, and it would be really interesting to plot which points are the seeked points/ area of points.
I have tried with an scatter3 as shown below, but it is not very graphic. Could not make "surf" work as I intended. Does anybody have an idea of a more graphic way to do this?
Thank you
scatter3(Ti(:,1), Ni(:,1), Ai(:,1),100,Mapeado020(:,5), "filled") %245 results which were interpoled
hold on
scatter3(TcK020(:,1), Nc020(:,1), Ac020(:,1),"red","x") %simulation 1 points
scatter3(TcK530(:,1), Nc530(:,1), Ac530(:,1),"blue","x") %simulation 2 points
scatter3(TcK540(:,1), Nc540(:,1), Ac540(:,1),"green", "x") %simulation 3 points
hold off

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