How can I conduct a Neural Network online training within simulink?

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I have a UAV simulink framework, where I need to design a new control algorithm by deep learning. However, the deep learning toolbox can only support offline training. The design of control algorithm need to be based on feedback data, so I have to implement online training in simulink. Is there any method to achieve that?

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Shuba Nandini
Shuba Nandini on 1 Sep 2023
It is my understanding that you want to design a control algorithm which can support online training in Simulink. You can make an algorithm which can process by feedback data using Reinforcement Learning Toolbox”.
Deep reinforcement learning lets you implement deep neural networks that can learn complex behaviours by training them with data generated dynamically from simulated or physical systems. Training with deep reinforcement learning algorithms is a dynamic process as the agent interacts with the environment around it.
Please refer to the following documentation links to know more about Simulink Reinforcement Learning Environments:
Hope this helps!
Shuba Nandini


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