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Try-catch syntax error

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Emily on 6 Oct 2011
I tried running the install_connector script and got this error, but I am running R2007a so I'm not sure why it's giving me this error
??? Warning: File: install_connector.m Line: 15 Column: 7 This try-catch syntax will continue to work in R2007a, but may be illegal or may mean something different in future releases of MATLAB. See Release Notes for MATLAB Version 7.4, "Warning Generated by try-catch" for details.

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 6 Oct 2011
Open the install_connector.m file in the editor and insert a comma after catch
Wayne King
Wayne King on 6 Oct 2011
Yes, I meant after the catch statement. sorry.

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Michael Katz
Michael Katz on 7 Oct 2011
The MATLAB Connector is not supported on versions earlier than R2009b. We haven't tested it on 7a, but I am pretty sure it's not going to work.

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