How to increase the distance between labels on the matrix axes

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I have a matrix with dimensions 169x169. For each row of the matrix a label is associated. However, since there are 169 labels, they are on top of each other. I tried to solve this by making the font size smaller, but it didn't work. How can i solve this problem?
The image depicts how my matrix looks like.
Thank you in advance.
Jacinta Silva
Jacinta Silva on 23 Jul 2022
Yes, in my case it is accurate, because I am working with brain regions, so it is important to interpret the values between each pair (row/column).

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 23 Jul 2022
When you say that making the font size smaller "didn't work", can you be more specific? Do you mean that even with the smallest font size, the labels still overlap?
Angling the label may help a little:
x = [1 2 3];
y = [4 5 6];
But, there is only so much you can do with that many labels.
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Jacinta Silva
Jacinta Silva on 23 Jul 2022
Yes, exactly, I reduced the font size to a size where it was noticeable to read, and it didn't work. I appreciate the help, I had already tried and it stays overlaped.

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