Error in multi-screen

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Tia on 25 Jul 2022
Answered: Jan on 25 Jul 2022
When I try to run my code, the first screen pops up (introducing the activity) which is then followed by a black screen. There are supposed to be images that pop up afterwards but instead its just a black screen. I am using two monitors to run the code on but only one monitor shows the black screen while the other one is stuck on the windows page. This is the errorr that pops up. If anyone can help that would be great, Thank you!
PTB-INFO: Multi-display setup in explicit multi-display mode detected. Using the following mapping:
PTB-INFO: Screen 0 corresponds to the full Windows desktop area. Useful for stereo presentations in stereomode=4 ...
PTB-INFO: Screen 1 corresponds to the display area of the monitor with the Windows-internal name \\.\DISPLAY4 ...
PTB-INFO: Screen 2 corresponds to the display area of the monitor with the Windows-internal name \\.\DISPLAY5 ...
PTB-INFO: Screen 3 corresponds to the display area of the monitor with the Windows-internal name \\.\DISPLAY1 ...
PTB-INFO: Your version of Matlab 64-Bit is global system DPI aware. On Windows-8 or later, fullscreen onscreen windows will only work
PTB-INFO: properly timing-wise when displayed on displays with the same pixel density as your systems primary display monitor.
PTB-INFO: For your multi-display setup the stimulus display monitor must have a DPI of (96, 96), matching that of
PTB-INFO: your primary display monitor. Ideally you will only display on the primary display in the first place.
PTB-INFO: Displaying on anything with a different DPI will cause mysterious visual timing problems, sync failures etc.
PTB-INFO: Read 'help RetinaDisplay' for more info on this topic.
PTB-INFO: This is Psychtoolbox-3 for Microsoft Windows, under Matlab 64-Bit (Version 3.0.18 - Build date: May 18 2022).
PTB-INFO: OS support status: Windows 10 (Version 10.0) supported and tested to some limited degree.
PTB-INFO: Type 'PsychtoolboxVersion' for more detailed version information.
PTB-INFO: Most parts of the Psychtoolbox distribution are licensed to you under terms of the MIT License, with
PTB-INFO: some restrictions. See file 'License.txt' in the Psychtoolbox root folder for the exact licensing conditions.
PTB-INFO: For information about paid support, community membership and commercial services, please type
PTB-INFO: 'PsychPaidSupportAndServices'.
PTB-INFO: The detected endline of the vertical blank interval is equal or lower than the startline. This indicates
PTB-INFO: that i couldn't detect the duration of the vertical blank interval and won't be able to correct timestamps
PTB-INFO: for it. This will introduce a very small and constant offset (typically << 1 msec). Read 'help BeampositionQueries'
PTB-INFO: for how to correct this, should you really require that last few microseconds of precision.
PTB-INFO: Btw. this can also mean that your systems beamposition queries are slightly broken. It may help timing precision to
PTB-INFO: enable the beamposition workaround, as explained in 'help ConserveVRAMSettings', section 'kPsychUseBeampositionQueryWorkaround'.
PTB-INFO: OpenGL-Renderer is NVIDIA Corporation :: GeForce GTX 745/PCIe/SSE2 :: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 388.13
PTB-INFO: VBL startline = 1080 , VBL Endline = 1079
PTB-INFO: Measured monitor refresh interval from beamposition = 16.666618 ms [60.000174 Hz].
PTB-INFO: Will use beamposition query for accurate Flip time stamping.
PTB-INFO: Measured monitor refresh interval from VBLsync = 16.675476 ms [59.968303 Hz]. (50 valid samples taken, stddev=0.102102 ms.)
PTB-INFO: Reported monitor refresh interval from operating system = 16.666667 ms [60.000000 Hz].
PTB-INFO: Small deviations between reported values are normal and no reason to worry.
PTB-INFO: ==============================================================================================================================
PTB-INFO: WINDOWS DWM DESKTOP COMPOSITOR IS ACTIVE. On this Windows-10 or later system, Psychtoolbox can no longer reliably detect if
PTB-INFO: this will cause trouble for timing and integrity of visual stimuli or not. You might be just fine, or you could be in trouble.
PTB-INFO: Use external measurement equipment and independent procedures to verify reliability of timing if you care about proper timing.
PTB-INFO: ==============================================================================================================================
Unrecognized function or variable 'win'.
Error in posner_forpilotingerps_June32022 (line 50)
fixation = Screen('MakeTexture', win, fixation); % converts the jpeg into a matlab friendly graphics format

Answers (1)

Jan on 25 Jul 2022
Most of the messages are just informations. The actual error is:
Error in posner_forpilotingerps_June32022 (line 50)
fixation = Screen('MakeTexture', win, fixation);
The variable "win" is undefined. This is an error in the file "posner_forpilotingerps_June32022.m", which seems to be a user defined file. Check how "win" is defined before the line 50.


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